Kilburn Architects is a full-service architectural design firm that promotes quality of construction with contextually appropriate and timeless design.  Our buildings are designed to live and age well, physically, functionally, and aesthetically.

Our design process is founded within a deep understanding of and commitment to sound and long-lasting construction.  We study each site and integrate our client’s programmatic goals and budget to develop design strategies.  By understanding each project’s unique constraints, we also seek to establish the project’s design opportunities.

We are experts in various buildings systems and building forensics, and promote an on-going education of new products and assemblies.  Designing buildings ‘to last’ is an intrinsic part of building ‘green’ and striving towards sustainability in architecture.  

From conception through construction of a project, we promote a collaborative design process and seek to establish an open line of communication with our clients and the other members of the project’s team.  We believe that listening and communicating clearly are essential tools for effective design and efficient construction.

We are licensed in Washington and Oregon.